Fine Foods Profile


Fine Foods is a specialized division of the family owned HHM Group with a pioneering yet steadfast approach to large scale and industrial provision. We are the largest foodservice supplier in the Kingdom of Bahrain, with offices spanning the breadth of the Arabian Gulf region. Our premium portfolio offers over 6000 quality products across multiple industries with global brands like Elie & Vire, Lamb Weston, Boiron, Galban, Nairobi, Lacnor and many more.

Originally established in the 1930’s, the company is now headed by CEO Fareed Hasan Mahmood. The family team has worked diligently for nearly a century to expand operations and is highly respected for their food catering and ship chandelling services. Fine Foods has an expansive history of experience and excellence in the food sector. It has continued to champion the industry by providing bespoke services to airlines, schools, hospitals, security establishments, hotels and the armed forces of different nations. The company is also a member of the International Ship Suppliers Association (ISSA), being an accredited supplier to Navy Forces, Air Forces and Army garrisons of several countries around the Gulf.

The dynamic management team of Fine Foods has accumulated decades of local and regional knowledge, which they integrate into every level of their dedicated workforce ensuring that both strategically and operationally they deliver unique solutions to client’s diverse needs. The highly skilled teams work seamlessly to achieve optimum results with tireless integrity.

Fine Foods is proud of their long family history in Bahrain. Encompassing a unique approach to business has allowed them to develop the prestigious client base they have today. Striving diligently into the future the company will continue to work with passion, integrity and trust, collaborating closely with clients to achieve successful and inspiring projects.

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